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Morocco for Kids-Family travel

A cocktail of adventures and discoveries for your family..

You love your family and you wish to plan a great and unforgettable vacation for your children! Atlas Outdoor is recommended by leading family adventure specialists in Morocco. We plan your family travel using our long experience as descendants of nomadic tribes traveling with our own families in the high lands and organizing family tours for thousands of families from all over the world. Our family adventure travel encounters in natural spaces and among local communities will change the way you and your children see the world. Immerse yourself, secure in your health, safety and comfort. Travel with professional local guides and stay in families houses, camps and authentic riads. We take every step to ensure that your child’s travel is safe and comfortable. From arrival, your family is under the care of the accompanying team. We’ve designed all our family tour vacations with in mind that family time is very important; The most unforgettable family vacations are ones where your family can relax and enjoy unforgettable memories together. Our tours in the Atlas, the desert and the Atlantic coast are designed so as your family can have a vacation full of sightseeing, discovery, learning activities, meeting different people and fun!.

Our Family Packages