About thirty kilometres from the city of Marrakech, far from the hustle and bustle of the city center, calm, nature, and beauty meet you for a dream trip to the magnificent desert of Agafay, a haven of peace. Extending over several hundred hectares on the first heights of the High Atlas Mountains. If you are one of the desert lovers, Agafay is a must-see during your stay in Marrakech, also called «the Marrakchi desert». Crossing countless trails running between the carved canyons by the wadis, the plains and the steep pebbly foothills, the desert will captivate you with its contrasts Enjoy a peaceful night under a starry sky.

Scarabeo luxury camp

Brief Itinerary:

Marrakech-Agafay desert luxury Camp-Essaouira-Marrakech.

Tour Highlights:

  • A private luxury tented camp in Agafay stone desert
  • Charming luxury riad in Marrakech
  • Explore the beautifully designed town of Essaouira on day trip.
  • Camel riding in the desert of Agafay