The Jebel Saghro extends to the South from the High Atlas, between the valleys of Dades, Draa and Ziz, whose waters get lost in the very close Sahara. These volcanic mountains with their austere beauty are an inextricable labyrinth and a real treat for the trekkers who seek to discover the Berber life and surprising nomadic landscapes of plateaus, magpies, peaks, canyons, forests… The Saghro massive is the real land of contrasts, in a hit of a moment the trail may lead you beneath date palms or through lands watered by an ancient well…

This adventure will carry you the variety of landforms very wild few, small villages attest to human presence and we may see the famous nomadic “Ait Atta”.

Jbel Saghro trip Morocco

Brief Itinerary:

Marrakech – Ait Youl – Anou n’Lmers – Assaka – Bab n’Ali – Igli – Tagdilte – Marrakech

These mountain Hikings  require some degree of trekking experience, and you should be confident of your fitness and ability to last the distance i.e your endurance level must be able to cope.  These areas are remote, high and command considerable respect.