DMC “Atlas Outdoor “

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Who we are?

Atlas Outdoor is one of the best destination management companies (DMC Morocco) based in Marrakech, it manages a range of products and services all around Morocco.

Atlas Outdoor brings its crucial local knowledge and experience; with more than 20 years of experience and leadership in the tourism sector, Atlas Outdoor (DMC Marrakech) offers unique products and high-quality services. As a destination specialist, our multilingual team is devoted to the excellence, constant evolution, innovation and above all, they ensure that you fully realize your clients' needs for their experience in Morocco safely.

Atlas Outdoor’s Philosophy

Integrity, excellence, innovation are the three pillars of Atlas Outdoor philosophy. Thing which is summed up in our slogan “Experience the best of Morocco”. We believe in developing close relationships with our customers and suppliers, in order to make the business at the highest level.

For Atlas Outdoor DMC Morocco, Integrity and innovation are not just words or slogan, but are the driving forces that drives us as a company to think and answer the questions below:  

- How can we turn your vision into the perfect experience?

-How can we satisfy every client and supplier?

-How can we innovate in our business model for sustainability?

-How can we support and improve the communities in which we work?

What do we do?

With our team, Atlas Outdoor opens up the wonders of Morocco to you and facilitate every step of your trip.

From the first contact, we try to understand our clients' needs and create a customized program which is perfectly designed to be yours. As a DMC Morocco, Atlas Outdoor takes care of every detail in the foresight of exceeding customers’ expectations. As one of the best DMCs in Morocco. Atlas Outdoor put all its knowledge to create memorable experiences and deliver personalized solutions that sets Atlas Outdoor apart from the rest.

Our destination management company DMC Marrakech is global and universal, it offers many advantages and benefits:

  • Our expertise in the local area and the particular services that we offer. Our DMC Morocco have localized knowledge about what works and what doesn’t in the whole territory.
  • Working with our DMC Marrakech will allow you to book any experience in any location around Morocco in the confidence that it will be delivered safely and to a high standard. 
  • We provide the secrets that you simply can’t know and which allow you to create better and unique travel experiences.
  • Atlas Outdoor DMC Morocco operate a huge range of different services and can book just about everything you’ll need.