Nowadays Morocco is becoming an appealing, upcoming golf destination for those who are looking to enjoy a golf holiday in Morocco with its hot weather, stunning selection of quality golf courses and famous tremendous hospitality.
For your next golf trip in Morocco, we offer a range of different standard golf holiday packages available for individuals and groups, you can choose to add on as many extras as you like, so that you can live the luxury lifestyle without going over your budget. This spot rich in culture will present you a memorable golf break holiday beneath the sunshine and glorious summers!

Yet, your golf holiday in Morocco may go in vain if you crossed all those miles without discovering the surrounding areas and the rich culture Morocco carries with his great selection of incredible sights. From the historical landmarks and stunning architecture, the vibrant and colourful markets to the Berber villages and fascinating landscapes! Morocco had a souvenir for every memory, make hay while the sun shines and profit from your golf holiday to dive in this culture either by a city tour, day excursion to the surrounding areas, experiencing different activities (Camel ride, Quad or bike tour, Jeep safari…) or simply have a walk around!