yoga classes in marrakech

Atlas Outdoor can include YOGA practice into your personalized travel itinerary, offering unique and inspiring natural venues to relax, refresh and revive.

Managing our daily stress and disconnecting from the world is an increasing priority in our busy world. Atlas Outdoor is happy to help you escape from the pressures of everyday life offering you the experience of practicing YOGA in Marrakech during your vacation.

Yoga is a constantly evolving health and wellness method unique to each practitioner and you will reap the benefits of increased flexibility, resistance and breath control! Classes incorporate pranayama, sun salutation, strengthening, stretching and meditation and can be taught at specific levels.

Our sessions are perfect for those who are seeking an authentic wellness experience, disconnect from stress, benefit from walking and retreat activities, enjoy healthy food prepared especially for you from local chefs, relax and at the same time learn and understand the basics of yoga. If you prefer a desert atmosphere we can suggest a unique YOGA experience in the Marrakesh desert “Agafay” or a personalized YOGA and travel experience in the Atlas Mountains.

Our range of personalized travel and yoga trips offered in varied natural and eco-friendly environments will make your YOGA sessions an unforgettable.


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