Yoga classes in Marrakech

Escaping from our daily stress and disconnect from the world sometimes become any mankind main goal. Atlas Outdoor helps you to get away from the stress of everyday life. During your vacation, we want to offer you the experience of practicing YOGA in the red city and discover all the benefits that it can bring.

Get off from your hesitation and achieve the greatest flexibility and resistance and breathing control you have ever felt! Classes incorporate pranayama, preparation, sun salutation, strengthening, stretching and meditation. The sequences go from the general to the specific, from the postures of the legs and the balance of the arms, to the combinations of said sequences. Yoga is a constantly evolving method unique to each practitioner.

Our sessions are so perfect for those who are looking for disconnecting from the stress, have the best walking and retreats activities, enjoying healthy food prepared especially for you from local chefs, get relaxed and at the same time learn and understand the basics of this activity especially for beginners. If you are a desert lover, we suggest living the unique YOGA experience in the Marrakchi desert “Agafay” or have a personalized YOGA and travel experience in the Atlas Mountains.

Our range of combined trips will make your YOGA sessions a great experience in various and eco-friendly natural environments that will last in your memory forever.