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Morocco’s diversity is as vast as its mountains. Certainly, when we think about Hiking in Morocco, it comes in mind only the imperial cities and the Sahara Desert. However, mountains occupy more than two thirds of the Moroccan territory, such an incredible God’s creation. Morocco has 4 mountain ranges: the High Atlas, the Middle Atlas, the Anti Atlas and the Rif. Each one of these areas has its own particularities and charm.

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Toubkal the giant of the Atlas

Overview: Overview: We hardly leave the agitation of Marrakech before we find ourselves, almost with no transition, in the heart of a Berber countryside with its mud- or

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Walking M’goun Gorges

Overview: Overview Diversity of landscapes, habitats and populations, during the crossing of the Atlas barrier, from North to the marches of the Sahara. A superb

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Atlas mountain trek | From Toubkal to Essaouira

Overview: Atlas mountain trek overview : This Atlas mountain trek is intended to cover paths of the Atlas and to reach the Toubkal summit at an altitude of more than

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1- Hiking in the High Atlas

It’s considered as the highest massif in North Africa, it stretches over 700km, and culminates at 4167m above sea level. The beauty of its snowed mountains attracts visitors. Either for hikers or mountains ‘sports lovers, the High Atlas is the ideal set for these activities. For every challenger, the discovery of Toubkal (4167m) the Marrakech’s hiking and trekking spot, and M’Goun (4071m) should take part of their Morocco’s hiking program; Take a breath and let the soul absorb the energy of nature and get inspired from its beauty. A complete tour of the Ourika valley, a hike in the Ait Oucheg Valley or maybe in the Ouzoud waterfalls could also be an interesting idea for those who have less physical force. Finally, the opportunity of hiking from Marrakech in Jbel Saghro shouldn’t be missed, this volcanic massif with lunar landscapes which dominates the famous gorges of Dades and the Draa Valley with their small typical Berber villages.

2- Hiking in the Middle Atlas

The Middle Atlas is located in the north of the High Atlas and the south of the Rif. It extends over approximately 350 km. While spending time in the cities of Fes, Meknes, or Beni Mellal, some hiking Morocco’ hours have to be planned for. A dreamy views and landscapes composed of limestone rocks and volcanic views. The Ifrane National Park is one of the hidden treasures of the Middle Atlas, a park which its landscapes are the most representative of Morocco. Hiking is the main activity that could be practiced here around.

3- Hiking in the Rif

The massif Rif extends over nearly 500 km from Tangier to Moulouya, in northern Morocco. Encircled by the Mediterranean coastline to the north and the Middle Atlas to the south, the Rif is dominated by the mountains and plains; Fir trees, cedars, wild olive trees, cork and holm oaks. The Rif is also known for its cannabis crops.

The Rif region is one of the most metaphorical destinations where a hike become a must do; take a wonderful walk in the middle of its breath-taking landscapes and chase the chance to see by near its goats, gazelles and the golden eagle… The highest point of the Rif rises to 2456 meters

Near to Chefchaouen or the "blue city" Akechour is located. Go on a day Moroccan hiking to discover the Akchour region and its sublime natural bridge: the Pont de Dieu. Stroll along the river, in the shade of the trees, and come out on a geological splendour: an impressive arch of rock, at a height of 25m above the river, the Oued Farda, which has eroded the rock to form this natural work of art. This region has the ability of recharging people’s soul by only swimming in its crystal-clear waters.

4- Hiking in the Anti-Atlas

It is the last and oldest mountain range in Morocco, the Anti-Atlas is the southernmost of the Atlas Mountains. an old eroded and desert massif on the edge of the Sahara. It extends east to Jbel Saghro which forms a transition with the High Atlas. It’s much less known but worth being explored since it’s one of the most Morocco’s authentic regions.

The town of Taroudant, located 80 km from Agadir in the Souss region, is a picturesque little town, protected by superb ochre-coloured ramparts which are almost worth the trip on their own. We call it little Marrakech. The village of Taliouine is famous for its exceptional saffron and a great hiking Morocco destination in the Jbel Siroua massif. Without forgetting the pink city of Tafraoute which is settled in a circus of pink granite, and will delight all geology and hiking Marrakech fans!

 There are many reasons behind choosing the Atlas Mountain as a Morocco’s’ hiking best destination. While planning your trip you have to be convinced that:

 • Morocco is considered as a great destination with wonderful trails, wild mountains, fascinating people and a dozen summits over 4000 meters high - they're not called the High Atlas for nothing!

 • All type of hiking Morocco are available with multilingual assistance, cooks to prepare your meals during the hiking journey in Morocco, mules to carry your luggage and essentials in order to enjoy the hikes and explore the ancient berbere villages located in the middle of the pastoral valleys.

Whenever you want to travel and whatever your level of fitness is, Atlas Outdoor is here to organize your trips and make your Moroccan hikes easy and suit everyone’s rhythm. A hiking Marrakech, Chefchaouen or in any other region Atlas Outdoor will enable you to experience your desired holiday. Moreover, the agency can suggest itineraries to meet the necessities of visitors based on the number of days they have.