Sahara hiking

Are you so keen to exchange and meet with those who live in the areas you are visiting? These itineraries enable to get immersed in the heart of the Berber culture, to meet the last nomad or sedentary tribes, whose way of living has not changed much over the centuries. You will receive a warm welcome and you will experience the pleasure of unforgettable hospitality.

Atlas Mountains

Flying high above the Atlas Mountains, to get to learn more about what we call it ‘’Deep Morocco’ ’the untouched parts of it. An adventurous trek will dominate your journey to explore the central high Atlas Mountains and enjoy the camping in its wild high pastures’ spots. A real and original cultural discovery of the traditional mountain community life style will mark your trip. Enjoying the panoramic views on the way; a mixture of beautiful sceneries including the Ouzoud waterfalls, the splendid happy valley of Bougmez and the M’goun valley. This audacious trek will lead us towards a new breath-taking expedition in the southern of Morocco through the Mountains of high Atlas with its Berber villages, Kasbahs, Gorge, Canyon… Or simply make it towards the highest peak of the High Atlas, Morocco and North Africa “Toubkal”. It is also one of the best places in Morocco for trekking and hiking. The breathtaking views will leave you speechless and accomplishing such a challenge is a lifetime experience that will change you forever.

Sahara Trek

This is Morocco’s diversity, a land escape from mountains to the desert. Trekking there is more than having an adventurous moment, it’s all about learning and discovering the nomadic life style protected by locals. A long walk away between the golden sand dunes, enjoying the spectacular view of the lined camels guided by nomads.

Listing to the melody composed by the different elements of the area, will purify and let find your peace of mind. Conversations and the contact with nomads will teach you and show you their generosity and the art of giving. then the discovery of the palm groves in the heart of this golden heaven. Sleeping under the stars and being entertained with music at the campfire is a luxury of desert life. You will see the staple of every meal, bread, baked fresh in the hot sand beneath the coals of the campfire and indulge in many glasses of strong Moroccan tea. Nothing is rushed in the desert.

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Saghro… walking on the moon

Overview: Overview: The Jebel Saghro extends to the South from the High Atlas, between the valleys of Dades, Draa and Ziz, whose waters get lost in the very close

From: $ 555

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M’goun & Sahara

Overview: Overview: An adventurous trek in rural Morocco taking you into untouched regions in the mountains and help you explore the central high Atlas mountain and

From: $ 815

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The Caravan of the Great South

Overview: You will learn a lot of interesting facts about the animal and plant world of the Sahara and some Berber and Arabic proverbs

From: $ 755

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