It is formed of one or two Berber mountain guides (graduates of the Training Center of Tabant, in the High Atlas) speaking French,English and Berber, a cook, muleteers or camel drivers (depending on the itinerary), most of the times, they are natives of the regions we will be crossing.

What is your equipment ?

During the trekking, we will spend the nights under double bed canvas. Foam mattresses will be provided. Meals are prepared by a cook in « a kitchen tent », and will be taken in a big mess tent.

What is the local currency ?

The Moroccan currency unit is the Dirham. You will get it only once in Morocco by means of travelers, currency exchange or international credit cards. You will find a lot of exchange offices and automatic telling machines in Marrakech, Ouarzazate and Essaouira.

For your information: 1 euro = 10 Dirhams.
When withdrawing at a local ATM, we advise you to ask your bank how much commission you will be charged. Normally it is fixed, so it is better for you to withdraw the necessary amount for your extras and shopping in one or two times to economize the costs.

Pratiquez-vous un tourisme solidaire ?

Par définition notre tourisme est solidaire car nous n’employons que des personnes issues des populations locales de l’Atlas (mûletiers, chameliers, cuisinier), qui grâce à ce qu’elles gagnent peuvent faire vivre décemment leurs familles. Chaque voyage et chaque groupe sont donc pour nous l’occasion de contribuer positivement à la vie des tribus berbères de l’Atlas et du désert.


For a three-month trip of or less, a valid passport is required or, for package tours, an ID is enough. Although the ID card is well accepted, it is advisable, if you are part of a package tour, to have your passport with you when visiting Morocco. In fact, in the case of an act of God, if a traveler from the « package tour », who has an ID only, needs to leave to France, he/she would not be able to leave Morocco unless he/she has a passport or a laissez-passer from the Consulate of his/her country.

Is there any need for particular vaccinations ?

Morocco does not require specific vaccinations.

Are you expected to tip the accompanying team ?

This is general practice but by no means obligatory.