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Your travel shall be as marvellous as you dreamed it but you would like to come back with something more and new : a sincere encounter with the people of Morocco, not biaised by an economic dependence. As you would meet friends or new people in your own country. Our eco-adventure tours make this possible as we offer you to come and spend time for a community project that will be directly funded by your travel. But you will be the one who also contributes in person, making this project possible in giving a hand one day or two: helping build a bridge, a well or a new school, planting some trees, etc.. For the rest of the time you will enjoy fully the adventure of your dreams with on the top of that a few days of true exchanges with local people. We bet this will be the best part of it as feeling the joy and reward it produces is beyond travel experience.

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Hiking and solidarity in Amnougal valley Marrakech

Overview: Overview: This travel combines discovery and sustainability, it invites you to maximize the benefits for local development and environment and also to a real

From: $ 598

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Solidarity and adventure in southern Morocco

Overview: Overview: This eco tour to the Saharan region of Taghbalte offers a variety of fascinating landscapes(sand dunes,oasis, desertique plateaux…) and

From: $ 745

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The transhumance of Ait Atta nomads

Overview: Overview: We invite you to a completely exceptional and exclusive tour: share the life of the nomads of the Ait Atta tribe during their seasonal transhumance

From: $ 915

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Village stay with a berber family

Overview: Overview: R’bat, nestled in a valley in the central High Atlas, some famous travelers already enjoyed the charms of this lovely village. For a real insight

From: $ 485

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