Morocco Self-Drive Trips and Tours - Your Adventure, Your Way

Are you a lover of the open road, seeking the ultimate self-drive tour? Look no further than Morocco, a captivating country with a wealth of sights and experiences to discover. Despite its small size, Morocco boasts an incredible diversity of geography and culture, from ancient Imperial cities to the towering Atlas Mountains, picturesque Kasbahs and breathtaking gorges. Journey into exotic oases and the sprawling Sahara desert before reaching the boundless beauty of the coastline.

With Atlas Outdoor, a self-drive tour in Morocco is the ultimate road trip. Travel off the beaten path, stop for panoramic photos and create a customized itinerary tailored to your preferences. Our tours promise a truly unique experience, an exciting journey through amazing landscapes with all the mystery and magic that this country has to offer.

We specialize in helping you customize your driving tour according to your hopes and expectations, whether you prefer friendly family-owned bed and breakfasts, Riads, Kasbahs or hotels. Our professional consultation service offers extensive experience and knowledge so you can rest assured that your trip will be unforgettable.

Self-drive is the perfect way to experience more of a destination. Explore at your own pace, stop where you choose and enjoy your holiday your way and if you'd rather take a break from driving and relax, one of our experienced multilingual drivers can take care of the whole tour for you.

Don't wait any longer to experience the adventure of a lifetime on a self-drive tour in Morocco with Atlas Outdoor.

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Off-Roading Adventure: Exploring the Moroccan Sahara on a Self-Drive Safari

Overview: Explore the stunning landscapes and culture of Southern Morocco on an unforgettable self-guided adventure.

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Moroccan Adventure: Exploring the Coast, Dunes and Culture on a 12 Day Road Trip

Overview: Discover Morocco independently on a tailored 12 day road trip, exploring coastlines, Sahara Desert and unique experiences.

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Discovering the Charms of Morocco on Your Own: A 3 Week Self-Drive Adventure

Overview: Explore Morocco's stunning destinations with a self-guided road trip and create your own adventure.