Enjoy the Excitement of Skiing and Biking in Morocco

Are you ready to escape the chaos of modern life and recharge your batteries in the great outdoors? Look no further than our unforgettable trips through the breathtaking landscapes of Morocco.

Explore the wild and preserved beauty of Morocco with our trips that offer vast open spaces and a diverse range of scenery. Experience the quiet rhythm of nature while discovering the most stunning sites in the region. Add a high-level dose of adrenaline to your journey by biking or skiing through the Atlas Mountains, one of the most extraordinary parts of the world.


Ride through the High Atlas Mountains on a bicycle and experience a landscape like none other in the world. Whether you're an experienced cyclist or a beginner, our customizable tours cater to your abilities and desires. Feel the fresh cool air in your face, hear the sounds of nature and enjoy winding roads with breathtaking scenery.


Take your sense of adventure to new heights with our skiing trips in the Atlas Mountains. Skiing in Morocco allows you to get off the beaten track and carve powder in Africa, creating an unforgettable experience. Encounter a variety of snow conditions and ski for 6-8 hours each day, carrying skis and ascending using crampons at times. The downhill slopes will be a maximum of 35 degrees, making this trip appropriate for experienced off-piste skiers with good control of turns and stops, particularly on hard slopes and good physical fitness.

Don't miss the opportunity to discover the undiscovered parts of Morocco's landscape and recharge your energy. Choose one of our biking or skiing trips and experience the magic of Morocco's Atlas Mountains.

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Southern Morocco Mountain Biking

Overview: Unforgettable mountain biking adventure in Morocco's rugged desert terrain with transfers, accommodation and meals included.

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M’goun Winter Skiing

Overview: Ski tour in Morocco's High Atlas Mountains:Breathtaking scenery, cultural experiences and heart-pumping skiing.

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High Atlas Mountain Biking

Overview: Thrilling mountain biking adventure through Morocco's stunning High Atlas Mountains including cultural immersion and Marrakesh city exploration.

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Toubkal Winter Skiing

Overview: Toubkal Winter Skiing: Adventure-packed, spectacular landscapes, high altitude skiing, Berber hospitality and North Africa's highest summit.

Excitement and adventure of biking through different regions of Morocco. Biking through the Sahara Desert offers a unique experience of navigating through sand dunes and rocky terrain, while mountain biking through the Atlas Mountains challenges both the physical and mental endurance of the rider. Biking through Morocco itself takes the rider through a diverse range of regions, from bustling cities to quaint villages and serene countryside. Each biking adventure promises to immerse the rider in the rich history and culture of Morocco, offering the opportunity to explore ancient cities, historic sites, and sample delicious local cuisine. Whether it is the vast, open expanses of the desert or the towering peaks and deep valleys of the mountain range, the beauty and majesty of Morocco are sure to captivate the senses of any rider.

Experience the thrill of skiing in Morocco with our guided ski tours in the Atlas Mountains. Explore this stunning region off the beaten track, skiing on untouched slopes with panoramic views of the Sahara Desert. After a day of skiing, relax in traditional Moroccan accommodation and indulge in local cuisine. This skiing adventure in Morocco is truly an unforgettable experience.