Support Costumer

Our relationship with our clients and their satisfaction is at the very core of our philosophy and the focus of everything we do. We ensure reliable, committed support throughout, from before, during and after your trip.

Before the Trip

Our travel advisors maintain contact with clients to collect all relevant information so we can tailor the final product in-line with the customer’s preferences. We have a reliable and accessible service, our customers can get in touch with us via emails, phone calls, Skype and Zoom meetings. Our experts will reply within 24 hours and follow up customers’ requests until the dream trip becomes a reality.

During the trip

Our team and our suppliers manage every detail, from the important basic details to the most exciting ones, personalizing your experience all the way. Our travel and hospitality background, knowledge, and service provides the optimal conditions for experiencing new cultures, backgrounds and religion.

We are present in every situation, to listen non-judgmentally and empathetically to each client’s wishes, requests and feedback, responding with honesty, transparency and the best customer service 24/7.

We follow up each trip daily and we make sure that they are experiencing the best time with us in Morocco.                                                                            

After the Trip

After a trip, the journey continues for us through new friendships made with clients and the ongoing evaluation and adapting of our service based on honest feedback, ideas and recommendations from the people who travel with us to improve the quality of our service.