The best luxury private holidays in morocco, the vip choice!

Morocco, an enchanting and diverse destination, beckons discerning travelers seeking the epitome of a luxury holiday. This captivating country provides an unparalleled blend of rich history, vibrant culture, and stunning landscapes, making it the ideal setting for an unforgettable luxury travel experience.

From the bustling city of Marrakech, where you can indulge in sumptuous accommodations and world-class cuisine, to the idyllic vistas of Southern Morocco with its lush valleys and ancient villages, every corner of this mesmerizing country is waiting to be explored. Venture into the High Atlas Mountains, where awe-inspiring views and luxurious retreats offer an exceptional escape from the ordinary.

At the heart of our luxury holiday offerings in Morocco lies our dedication to creating truly bespoke experiences, tailored to your unique desires and expectations. We understand that your vacation is a precious time, an opportunity to forge new connections, immerse yourself in exotic locales, and create lasting memories with your loved ones.

With over 26 years of experience in crafting exquisite travel experiences, we pride ourselves on our ability to seamlessly blend opulent accommodations, exceptional service, and an extensive range of customizable options. Our luxury travel team, composed of seasoned experts, will work closely with you to design your dream vacation in Morocco, providing unparalleled support throughout your journey.

Our commitment to authenticity ensures that your luxury holiday in Morocco is a genuine reflection of the country's rich heritage. Alongside our curated selection of 5-star hotels, we offer traditional Moroccan Riads, elegantly restored boutique hotels that showcase the grandeur of Morocco's past. These remarkable "Riads" accommodations, once the homes of affluent merchants and palace courtiers, now provide an unparalleled level of luxury and refinement.

Allow us to bring your luxury holiday dreams to life as you embark on an extraordinary journey through the vibrant and enchanting landscapes of Morocco. Our expert travel advisors will collaborate with you, attentively catering to your travel needs and desires, crafting a truly personalized and unforgettable Moroccan adventure.

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Marrakech & Erg Chebbi Desert - Luxury Travel Morocco

Overview: Luxury Morocco trip with stunning scenery, private tented camp, and immersive cultural experiences.

From: $ 2615

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Agafay and Marrakech-Luxury Travel

Overview: Experience ultimate luxury private travel in Morocco's hidden gem, Agafay; a breathtaking desert oasis near Marrakech.

From: $ 1675

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Marrakech & Chegaga Desert-Luxury Morocco Holidays

Overview: Luxury desert getaway in Morocco's stunning Sahara: premium accommodations, camel rides, Jeep drives, and more.

From: $ 2885

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Luxury and nomadism in the secret valleys of southern Atlas

Overview: Luxury Morocco tour: Secret valleys, Berber culture, breathtaking landscapes, Essaouira excursion, Marrakech Riad.

From: $ 2995

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Nomadic lands of the High Atlas in luxury private camp

Overview: Luxury Morocco tour immerses you in stunning landscapes, Berber culture, and semi-nomadic tribes. Experience unforgettable relaxation in a private camp.

From: $ 3898

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The Deep South release: Jbel Saghro and Sahara in luxury version

Overview: Luxury private travel Morocco: adventure, natural beauty, relaxation, Ait Atta nomad tribes, lunar landscapes, Erg Chebbi dunes, private tented camp.

From: $ 3195

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A Romantic Trip to Marrakech

Overview: Luxurious Marrakech trip with VIP service, expert guides, private oasis, exceptional dining, and ultimate luxury.

From: $ 1355

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13-Day Morocco, Luxury Self Drive

Overview: "Embark on a luxurious driving safari through Morocco's stunning landscapes, culture, and natural beauty."

From: $ 2785

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Marrakech and Atlas - Luxury Mountains Vocation

Overview: Luxury Marrakech vacation with cultural tours, private driver, Berber experiences, and breathtaking Atlas Mountains

From: $ 2180