Be Our Partner

Day after day we continue to welcome and widen our partnership network. We would be delighted to work together with unified goals and targets, being your customer’s travel expert here in Morocco. With more than 20 years of experience we will make sure that your valued clients have a memorable experience, guaranteeing a worry-free and enjoyable trip.

If Morocco is a destination of interest to your client’s and you’re looking for a trusted partner then don’t hesitate to contact us at contact@atlas-outdoor.com or fill in the form below to become our future business partner.

Travel Agents

We offer a wonderful variety of programmes customized to suit all your clients’ needs and preferences, from cultural and luxury tours, adventure tours, off the beaten track exciting journeys and classic treks to pampering luxury trips and individuals and groups planning a MICE event in Morocco…They dream and we make it a reality.

We offer 24/7 hotline support during the trip and the best agent rates. We have different levels of collaboration options for travel agents, offering commission-based pre-made packages to tailor-made tours and unique tour packages created specifically for your clients.

Sustainable Partnership

Responsible tourism is the foundation of Atlas Outdoors’s philosophy and one of its key values.

You will automatically support the sustainable development of the travel industry here in Morocco if you partner with us. Our guides are Berbers from the Atlas Mountains and the South and will bridge the gap between fascinating cultures, interpreting and exchanging real life experiences to create unforgettable moments with the local community.

Beyond the human element of the adventure, the privileged encounters between contrasting lives, the immersion into communities who inhabit villages in the midst of expansive nature and unique access to preserved places, our commitment to sustainability goes further:

◊ Eco-designed tours which leave no trace of our passage (waste collection, water management, no discharge of polluting products into nature, group awareness of environmentally friendly gestures before and during the trip).

◊ A generous remuneration for the accompanying team (above the prices charged) that helps provide a decent life for their families.

◊ A percentage of our profit will be donated to associations in southern Moroccan, the High Atlas and on the Atlantic coast to aid community projects such as; the installation of running water, construction of a training house for women, creation of a nursery school, offer financial aid to families for the education of children and assist the development of an organic farming sector.

Feel free to contact us to discuss the partnership opportunities and further details.