Family Travel Morocco - Making Memories Together

Morocco’s cultural and natural diversity have made it one of the world’s the best destinations for family adventures. Morocco offers the warmest hospitality and culturally its people welcome and embrace children. From the theatrical stage of Jemaa el Fna in Marrakesh, trekking on camels into the Sahara and camping out next to the rolling sand dunes, discovering the legendary Ait Benhaddou and the long beaches of the Mediterranean and Atlantic coastline, take your family on an unforgettable Moroccan adventure!

Atlas Outdoor is recommended by leading family adventure specialists for family tours and trekking in Morocco. We understand that travelling with family is a rare opportunity to take a break from ‘normal’ life and come together to connect and bond in different ways, exploring new cultures and participating in lives being lived differently than our own.

We plan your family travel using our personal experience as descendants of nomadic tribes traveling with our own families in the high lands and professional experience of organizing family adventure tours for thousands of families from all over the world.

Our family travel experiences will change the way you and your children see the world. Immerse yourself with safety, comfort and security while travelling with professional local guides. Stay in families’ houses, camps and authentic Riads. We take every step to ensure that your child’s travel is safe, joyful and comfortable.

From your arrival, your family will be in safe hands with the accompanying team. We’ve designed all our family tour vacations taking into consideration that family time is important and precious. We understand that it’s just as important for adults to relax as it is for kids to explore and discover. Our tours in the Atlas, the desert and the Atlantic coast are designed so that your family can have a vacation full of sightseeing, discovery, learning activities, meeting different people and discovering other cultures whilst having fun!

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Immerse Your Family in the Rich Culture of Morocco: A Berber Adventure

Overview: Explore Central High Atlas, Berber culture & eco-tourism on a family-friendly Morocco adventure.

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Unforgettable Family Adventures in the Mystical Moroccan Desert and Beyond

Overview: Expert in creating immersive family travel experiences through Morocco's rich history and nature.

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Morocco Unveiled: An Immersive, Family-Friendly Journey Through Rich Cultural Landscapes

Overview: Explore the wonders of Morocco: Mesmerizing, family-friendly cultural journey with unforgettable memories

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Unforgettable Family Adventure in Morocco: Safe, Educational and Eco-Friendly Summer Trip

Overview: Discover the charm of Morocco:Safe family adventure, cultural immersion, eco-tourism, educational activities and unforgettable memories. The summer trip of a lifetime.

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Family, Adventure and Teenage Thrills: Discovering Morocco Together

Overview: Morocco: A captivating family adventure vacation for teens, filled with culture, nature and surprises

Morocco is a wonderful destination for families looking to create unforgettable memories together. With its fascinating history, stunning landscapes, and rich cultural heritage, Morocco offers a range of family-friendly vacation packages that cater to all ages and interests.

For families who love adventure, Morocco has plenty to offer. From hiking in the Atlas Mountains to surfing on the Atlantic coast, there are countless opportunities for outdoor activities that will get the whole family moving and engaged. Road trips through Morocco's scenic countryside are also a great way to explore the country together and create lasting memories.

For families who prefer city breaks, Morocco has a wealth of options. The bustling cities of Marrakesh and Fes are home to vibrant markets, stunning architecture and delicious cuisine. Children will love exploring the narrow streets of the medinas and discovering the hidden treasures within. For families who want to experience the culture and history of Morocco, there are plenty of opportunities to visit museums, historic sites, and cultural centers.

For families who love nature, Morocco is a paradise of eco-tourism. From the lush oases of the Sahara Desert to the breathtaking gorges and waterfalls of the Atlas Mountains, there are endless opportunities to connect with the natural world and learn about the unique ecosystems of Morocco.

For families who just want to relax and unwind, Morocco has plenty of family-friendly resorts and camping options. Whether you prefer the comfort of a luxury hotel or the simplicity of a camping trip under the stars, Morocco has something for everyone.

So why not plan your next family vacation to Morocco? With its endless options for adventure, culture, and relaxation, Morocco is the perfect destination for families looking to create unforgettable memories together.