Our cultural roundtrips (tours) are an invitation to deeply discover authentic Moroccan culture.

Morocco has an unparalleled rich historical and cultural heritage. Our escorted tours are an opportunity to connect with the warm hospitable locals as well as journey through the plethora of contrasting landscapes: the beauty of the Atlas Mountains, vast plains stretched between lakes and canyons, high valleys, cedar forests and the imperial cities of Rabat, Meknes, Fes and Marrakech steeped in history.

They are an opportunity to immerse yourself in the extraordinary, the history, the lives and lands that have shaped this fascinating country.

Enjoy a sensational Journey, full of unexpected discoveries.

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Explore the marvels of Morocco

Overview: This two weeks tour invites you to explore the marvels of Morocco. From Marrakech, the Jewel of the South, we start our journey to explore the

From: $ 1598

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Mysteries of south Morocco

Overview: Overview: This tour is an invitation to discover the mysteries of South Morocco, an entire world of incredible landscapes. It takes you from the magical

From: $ 1785

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Cultural trip morocco, the cities of sultans

Overview: This cultural trip morocco is a great choice for those in search of a slice of Morocco’s culture and history. From arrival to departure, an

From: $ 1375

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On the path of the dinosaurs of High Atlas

Overview: Immerse yourself in village life while staying in a comfortable Ecolodge, connecting with friendly local people and learning about their culture

From: $ 1295

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Sahara & Beaches

Overview: No one can deny that Morocco is one of the most exciting global destinations that should be visited at least once in everyone’s life

From: $ 1350

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Morocco Perfect Layover

Overview: Go back in time to get to know more about the past and the rich history of Morocco during its different phases.

From: $ 485

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An Exclusive and Unique Tour of Marrakech

Overview: Escape from the ordinary to experience an extraordinary 5 day tour. The journey will start from the exotic city of Marrakech

From: $ 685

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Northern Morocco Tour

Overview: During your stay you are guaranteed to be fascinated and surprised by the beauty of Morocco,

From: $ 1155

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12 days New Year's in Morocco

Overview: There is more memorable than marking the end of a year and celebrating the New Year in the heart of the Moroccan desert.

From: $ 995

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Multi-activities in Marrakech

Overview: After a short drive you will reach the starting point of our trekking tour. You will hike on ancient mule tracks, through imposing rocky landscapes

From: $ 1125

On our round tours’ packages, we present our cultural roundtrips which is an open door for our guests discover the full breadth of this diverse African country with its Islamic architectural sites, Andalusian gardens, Jewish heritage sites, colourful Souks, majestic mountains, Berber villages, and Camel safari in the Sahara Desert…

This range of tours offers a visit of UNESCO Fes, Imperial Rabat, and the secrets of the Moroccan cuisine by having the chance to visiting local families. during these tours, our guests will lodge in charming cosy Riads, typical Moroccan Hotels, and in the Great Sahara Desert stays will be at Bedouin Desert Camps…