How to be a sustainable traveler?

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While traveling each one of us must develop the idea of being a sustainable traveler, but the question is how it could be…

Simple as it is, responsible tourism can act as a gadget for positive changes and here are plenty of ways to make your trip more valuable and sustainable.

  • Rule N°1: Reduce your impact on the planet.

Each year, more than 8 million tons of plastics wind up in our ocean, that should be the mean reason to Adopt the greatest trio concept of reducing, reusing, and Recycling; here are some Tips for you: Say No to Plastic and be smart about it!

  • Using Recyclable glass bottles instead of plastic ones could decrease the huge quantities of plastic consumed in the whole world.
  • while strolling street markets and shops make sure that you are carrying tote bags; That simple act will cut back on plastic waste.
  • If it’s not that necessary, try to walk more and use transportation less, it may help you to better explore the area on an ecological way.
  • Enjoy sustainable activities that don’t pollute or use energy, such as kayaking, biking, or hiking. That won’t only protect nature (zero carbon emissions) but it will offer you the opportunity of discovering unique sights and experiences.
  • opt for a safe product, such as biodegradable or mineral-based sunscreens, shampoo, and soaps.
  • Rule N°2: support local economies.

Founding out the diversity of the planet could not be only just an entertainment goal. While exploring, everyone has targets and goals through his experience.

But we should learn that directly or indirectly we are all contributing and changing people’s life.

Make sure that money you spend stay in the destination and support its economy.

How to achieve that? Here are some tips:

  • Make sure that your tour operator has local accommodation, hires local guides and drivers. Besides supporting the local economy, you’ll also add value to your travel  experiences.
  • Try to go local: shop at small businesses would be a win-win deal. In the first hand you are guaranteed by the high quality of the products made by locals (Bio and hand made one), in the other hand you are not only supporting a local business, but you are making an impact on the environment as well.
  • Attend local concerts and exhibitions to get to know the artistical side of the country you are visiting. Nowadays social media has an incredible impact on other’s decisions. So maybe a small post or story on your Instagram feed could be a way to promote and be a source of motivation for others to learn more about that country.
  • Rule N° 3: Conserve Natural Environments

Travelers have a huge opportunity to protect our planet’s natural surroundings and resources.  To better understand how to help, do your research and stay on top of knowing what issues are affecting the environments you are visiting. Also, Sustainable Travel International recommends that you visit protected areas as the fees you pay to use them support local efforts to conserve them. Rules and regulations in these areas are there to protect the environment, wildlife, local communities, and you. If you hire a local guide, you’ll not only learn about the local environment, but you will also provide incentive to local communities to invest in environmental conservation. If you do not hire a guide and venture on your own, make sure you “leave nothing but footprints” as you explore, be mindful of your surroundings and of course, don’t litter. Make sure any business you spend your money on is eco-friendly and supports conservation efforts. Research is key here as a lot of businesses claim they are green but may not necessarily be taking realistic actions to help.